This course focuses on applying financial investigation tools and techniques to detect, prevent and prosecute offenders that engage in financial and economic crime. The course will consider both national and trans-national crime with an emphasis on enforcement strategies learning from global case studies that highlight successes and challenges in applying financial investigation tools and techniques.


  • Describe what constitutes financial crime and understand the concept of illicit financial flows (IFFs)
  • Explain the different forms of bribery and corruption
  • Analyze the international and national anti-money laundering frameworks
  • Review different types of global tax crimes
  • Understand the role of the financial intelligence in combatting financial crime
  • Assess law enforcement financial investigation strategies
  • Examine the US Government law enforcement approach and extra-territorial reach.
  • Articulate the role of other key stakeholders in combatting financial crime
Duration – 6 Weeks

Start Date – 15th June 2022